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We Offer Home Energy Audits in Carlsbad.

When you’re shopping for appliances nowadays, your choices are narrowed down to the ones that save the most energy. However, it’s difficult to create efficiency if your home has some leaks or insufficient insulation. Good thing it’s easy to have someone conduct a home energy audit to find which areas of your home can be improved. Just call Banister's Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Carlsbad at 575-446-3948 or make your appointment today.

Professional Home Energy Audit

Our Southeast New Mexico experts can do a home energy audit for you. We’ll run inspections and tests inside and outside of your home. Outside, we examine your walls and joints, especially under the eaves. We look for a snug fit to make sure no air is getting in – or out – of your home. Inside, we measure your insulation in the attic and around your furnace and water heater. At the end, we’ll check the duct work for correct seals that keep in your heated or conditioned air so it’s released where you want. A blower door is a final test that may be included in your home energy audit. This test locates and measures leaks using infrared cameras to figure out which areas may have insufficient insulation or air infiltration.

When you undertake a home energy audit with Banister's Heating & Air Conditioning Services, we’ll show you where problems are and how you can fix them. Solutions may range from the inexpensive, such as changing your light bulbs to the more costly, such as reinsulating areas of your home or replacing an appliance. Our goal is to help you create a more comfortable home, so call 575-446-3948 to schedule a home energy audit today. Southeast New Mexico utility companies may also offer similar audits. Call your local utility company to find out more.

DIY Home Energy Audit

If you want to see how your energy usage stacks up against similarly sized houses and families, use the ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick. You’ll only need your last 12 months of energy bills and relevant information regarding your house, such as the year your home was built, number of people living there and square footage.